Stock Code:
2 August
Open: HK$2.82

Highest/Lowest: HK$2.86/2.80
Close: HK$2.82

Change: +HK$0.00 (+0.00%)
Volume: 910,000

2 August 2019
Open: 27,565.70
Close: 26,918.58

Change: -647.12 (-2.35%)

UxC BAP as of
1 August 2019

Ux U3O8 Price: US$25.38 /lb




The Group is primarily focused on developing overseas uranium resources segment. The two existing uranium projects, one in Mongolia and another one with 37.2% ownership in Niger, held by the Group are in their initial stages, through which the uranium segment is destined to endow shareholders with substantial returns upon maturity.

The Group will continue to identify uranium resources leveraging projects and engage in uranium products trading business when good opportunity arises. The Group has secured a 300 tonnes of uranium supply on 3rd September, 2010 from the uranium market.



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